Car sales revival amidst growing rural worries


NEW DELHI: Car sales registered growth in the last 2014-15 after two successive years of decline, but the damage on rural economy due to unseasonal rains and inclement weather may cloud the positive movement this year.

The car industry, which had been reeling under a severe slowdown over the last nearly three years, has started showing some positive traction after the entry of the Modi government in May last year. Modi’s entry, which revived hopes of an economic turnaround, also coincided with a cut in fuel prices and a marginal reduction in interest rates, factors which saw sales numbers turn positive last fiscal (also aided by a lower base year).
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BMW “No Reverse” Transmission Problem


An transmission is simply that- automatic, consequently the majority tend to pay little attention to that till a significant downside rears its ugly head.

image the scenario- you’re driving on within the lap of luxury, the satellite radio blaring and also the heated seats on. you have got become aware of the comfort level and nice driving expertise delivered to you by BMW.

You decide to prevent at the native store on your approach home to grab some frozen dessert for the youngsters and a bottle of water for yourself. Upon returning to your automotive, you begin it up, check your rear read mirror, place the shifter in reverse and so the impossible happens- the engine simply revs as if it’s in neutral and also the automotive goes nowhere! read more

Choosing and Installing a Motorcycle Battery

Although a motorbike battery and different kinds of vehicle batteries area unit designed for longevity, over time batteries can block and eventually wear out. this happens once the sulphate that flows over the plates begins to create up a residue on the plates, slowly decreasing the physical phenomenon. during this article you will find helpful info for selecting, installing, and maintaining your next bike battery.

so as to decide on the correct size bike battery, you’ll have to grasp the cold cranking amps (CCA) of your bike. Technically speaking, CCA is that the variety of amps a accumulator at 0ºF will deliver for thirty seconds and maintain a minimum of one.2 volts per cell. Once you identify the specified CCA, you’ll have to live the length, width, and height of the cavity to confirm an accurate work.
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Customize Your Classic Car – Paint Your Own Rims


Paint your own Rims? WHO would have thought one thing antecedently done by professionals may well be tired your house.

While, the thought of painting your own rims has been around a couple of years currently, several queries appear of the way to sleep with and that i thought i’d share my very own experiences with painting my Integra stock rims. I even have scan up several samples of the way to do that, however my 1st time attempting was this year once I selected to surface my winter rims. i used to be quite please with the end result.

First, what the hell does one got to paint your rims? Paint after all :) this can be wherever Duplicolor comes in with their wheel paint. they provide paint colours to match your vogue coming back in white, gunmetal, classic silver and bronze further. I selected to try to to mine in bronze exploit my lip the stock polished vogue look. therefore here area unit your options: read more

Rv Blue Book Values

If you’re Associate in Nursing RV owner and looking out to sell your RV, you may most likely ought to understand simply what it’s price before you recognize what proportion you’re willing to require for it. the simplest place for you to show is to the honest blue book. This book is just like the bible of RV values. Surely, you have got detected of the blue book for cars, well this can be comparatively constant, except for the large RVs.

however is that the Blue value Calculated?

The RV blue value takes lots of various conditions into thought. First, it’ll contemplate the common worth asked by dealers for that specific create, model, and year.
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Most Common Problems With Automobile Electrical System


An integrated a part of any vehicle, the auto electrical system has undoubtedly created driving lots a lot of easier over the decades. Frequent innovations in electrical system has helped U.S.A. during a comfy and straightforward drive. however friends, no coin comes with one facet. If there area unit benefits, there area unit issues or hassles that accompany them.

Very often, you face issues whereas starting your automobile and spot different issues with the electrical system. area unit you responsive to the issues that really have an effect on your electrical system. a number of the hassles that you just face together with your vehicle’s electrical system are:
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Hybrid Cars Advantages and Disadvantages


Hybrid automotives area unit thought of because the car of the long run. it’s ready to effectively conserve fuel and at a similar time, it solely produces low levels of poisonous fumes. attributable to these edges, hybrid cars area unit currently growing in quality each single day. many of us area unit currently considering obtaining obviate their standard automotives and get a hybrid car to assist in cutting fuel consumption value.

Hybrid cars have 2 engines for it to effectively conserve fuel consumption. it’s the normal ICE and it conjointly has an electrical motor and batteries. the 2 engines work along so as to chop fuel consumption. With this technology, you’ll be ready to cut fuel usage by over [*fr1]. simply imagine, with a hybrid automotive, you’ll be ready to go over sixty miles to the gallon. With this type of savings, hybrid automotives area unit positively the car of the long run.
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